Mohena Kumari gets ‘pissed off’ as her fans get in a war with co-star Shivangi Joshi’s fans

Mohena Kumari gets ‘pissed off’ as her fans get in a war with co-star Shivangi Joshi's fans

Fans are always sensitive towards their favorite actors and a lot of times they end up becoming blind followers who could go to any extent for their idols. Fan wars on social media is something that we all have accepted as a sad reality. The recent victims of the same are TV actors Mohena Kumari and Shivangi Joshi who are currently seen in the same show which is running for the longest time. In their daily soap, both Mohena and Shivangi are currently pregnant. Some trolls started bashing Mohena and started body shamming her. They went to the extent of calling her "bhains".

Soon, the war became nastier as Mohena's fans jumped in and started shaming Shivangi. The war intensified and dirtier and soon Mohena had to step in to put an end to it. An upset Mohena replied to the trolls and shut them down.

She said, "Kaira fans and Keesh fans ! This is my last message here. Just read some more messages and I’m pissed off! Stop it for heavens sake! 1stly looks are the stupidest things to judge people by. If that is the only way you judge someone then I feel sorry for you’ll. Stop Throwing dirt on the actors please. We are all friends and by doing what you guys are doing you will make us awkward. It’s a genuine request to stop calling the actors names… whether it is Naira or Keerti or anyone else. Utilise that time to do something constructive. Stop tarnishing our images just to pass time” [sic].

Mohena also pointed out that due to all these things and stupid fights, it does get awkward between co-actors referring to her camaraderie with Shivangi Joshi on the show.

All we think is, well said Mohena! Stay tuned to BollywoodLife for more updates.

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  • Published: January 11, 2019 8:31 PM IST
  • Mohena Kumari
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